Pinball Hall of Fame

1610 East Tropicana Avenue

The Pinball Hall of Fame is a registered 501c3 non-profit. It relies on visitors stopping by to play these games, restored pinball machine sales and 'This Old Pinball' repair dvd videos (available for sale at the museum). The PHoF has also helped out with fundraising for the local Salvation Army, accepting donations to benefit them. There is a candy vending stand, where the entire 25 cents of each quarter goes directly to the Salvation Army. And after the PHoF covers its monthly expenses for rent, electricity, insurance, endowment savings, the remainder of the money goes to the Salvation Army.

Tim says, 'I like the Salvation Army a lot because they're kinda like us. They're downtown on the cheap side and they put all their emphasis on the areas that need emphasis and not a lot on hierarchy and organization. When the crap hit the fan with Katrina, the government failed completely, the Red Cross failed mostly, but everybody that was there said the Salvation Army was exemplary in every way. This is why we help the Salvation Army. They are unlike any other charity or government, very little overhead and helping lots of people that need it. Today's society is often too self-centered to bother doing community service. So I'm just giving them a vehicle where they think they're being self-indulging by playing pinball, but they are really helping charity.'

The best thing about the Pinball Hall of Fame is their complete lack of a 'profit' mindset. It's about the games and charity and not about making money. Tim explains, 'we just don't care that this or that game isn't making any money. The minute we start becoming professional, it's all gonna be about the dollars and it's not gonna be about the games. I mean like the kind of things we do to maintain these games - we change the rubber rings more often than we have to. We replace light bulbs the minute they burn out. That doesn't make any economic sense. If we were professional, we'd let things slide a little. There's no real economic reason for this to exist, or capitalism would've already built it.'

That 'cheap side' approach gives the Pinball Hall of Fame its disarming, thrift-store feeling. The royal-blue carpet? It's scrap from a Convention Center weekend show. The change machines? Grabed from the Golden Nugget's trash dock before the garbage men came. But it's not about cutting corners - it's about maintaining an almost obsessive focus on the pinball games themselves. Forget about public relations, marketing, uniforms, or even a sign outside. 'If the games play, the people will come, quarters at the ready. There's stuff here that hasn't been seen since my mom was a kid. And it's all up here and it's playable.'


kyle bullock

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I'm a pinball nerd, so I loved it! The place isn't fancy, so don't go expecting any kind of atmosphere other than pinball. Otherwise, there's no better way than to spend a few bucks playing games (the odds are better than slots! lol). They were friendly, the place was clean, and the games took me back and were tons of fun. My wife and I spent $5 and played for an hour - it's worth the trip!

Robert A

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pinball machines from all eras. Vintage amusement park arcade games from an age gone by. Video games from the golden years of Space Invaders and PacMan. This is a great place to spend a couple of hours. All the machines take quarters to play just like you remember. Just walk in and stroll around if you like. They've got machines to change your dollars into coins if you feel the urge. There's always someone working there in the back to help out if you have questions or your quarter gets stuck. Enjoy!

Richard Levy

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Love this place. Has a huge number of modern and historic pinball and game machines. All in working order and for 25c to 75c a play. Amazingly no entry fee. Must be the cheapest entertainment in Vegas. Awesome way to enjoy a few hours for little cash.

Michael Martin

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Really fun place to go off the strip. Nearly all the machines are playable and you can spend hours here for a few dollars. They've done an incredible job of restoring a lot of machines, and it's like a step back in time. This is something you shouldn't miss when you're in Vegas.

Curt Raymond

Monday, May 8, 2017

Best value for money in Las Vegas. $20 will cover you for at least an hour, better than any casino. Check out the website for the whole story of the place, its pretty amazing. The focus has shifted more to pinball in the last few years but there are still many old arcade games and other amusements.